Change of tack

So after some time spent not writing on my blog, I’ve decided that the path I was going down wasn’t right…. My next post was meant to be filled with ideas and inspiration for a budget wedding but the truth is, the options are endless if you are open minded and imaginative. So, rather, i’ll leave it to you to post comments about ideas and we can brainstorm together, a collaborative process!

In the same breath I have also reviewed my ideas for my own wedding and those have changed as well… and i’m sure they will continue to do so until the day before!

Update on my own wedding planning – I found a dress… it cost $120 and i’m excited for you to finally see it, but you’ll have to wait I need to keep some surprises!

We’ve also decided that in order to simplify proceedings, we will be combining the Chinese tea ceremony and the civil ceremony into one. It took a bit of convincing the in-laws but thankfully, and totally by chance, the date that we chose (or that happened to be available) was a good day for marriage according to the Chinese calendar.

I have lately also been obsessed with consumption and the wasteful nature of modern society and thus have decided I will be attempting to grow seedlings from the discarded seeds of our fruit and veg scraps, in recycled cans and jars as decor for the tables which will double as favors for the guests…. we’ll see how that goes…. I currently have almonds ‘activating’ in the fridge!

Below are some images that I have inspired me… most of these were from the new IKEA catalogue #IKEAobsession:

Untitled picture Untitled picture2 Untitled picture3

I love the way that fruit and veg can be perpetual – I wonder how many people regrow their fruit and veg…?

My bridesmaids have been wondering what to wear lately too (I cant believe there’s only 4 months to go) so I’ve given them some pretty loose guidelines and am letting them choose themselves. Below areĀ images of what i’m imagining we’ll end up like:

bridal party outfits

Long or short doesn’t matter!